On-Page Optimization

We optimize every detail of your website to provide unambiguous signals to search engines.

We Know What Works

We improve the SEO structure of your website at an internal level.In Guru Seo Services we optimize your website by performing actions oriented to content, accessibility, architecture, etc. We manage the internal structure of the website comprehensively.

Working the SEO On-Page positioning is an essential step for your digital project to be successful.

Having each page well optimized helps to increase the likelihood that your web traffic will multiply and, consequently, can translate into more conversions and profits.

By using an SEO On-Page methodology adapted to the characteristics of your website you will increase its visibility, whether it is a corporate website, an online store, or a blog.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Actions that make the difference in front of the rest

We study and analyze any internal aspect of the website. All this with the main objective of finding the existing failures and solving them. Technical aspects that make the positioning stand out from the competition. Techniques that take it to a higher level.
SEO Search Engine Optimization

We make things easy for search engines

Internal SEO optimization is oriented to facilitate crawling and indexing in search engines. It is key to offer a good experience and readability, both to Google and to the users who access the website. The search engine will reward you with good positions.

SEO Search Engine Optimization
SEO Search Engine Optimization

A high level of internal optimization

On-Page SEO optimization is fundamental in any type of strategy. It lays the foundations for the search engine to find and index the website correctly.

What Guru SEO Services Can Do for You

Multiple techniques to facilitate search engine optimization

Internal Structure

Ease of navigation and user interaction. Hierarchical content organization.

Content Optimization

Texts, images, alt attributes, content length, and more. The information will be well optimized.

Loading times

Web speed reviews, image compression, server settings, code optimization, etc


Study of the most recommended Keywords for the web. Much of the work is oriented to them. 

Titles and Descriptions

Analysis and creation of outstanding titles, as well as the most appropriate meta descriptions for each page.

Readability Texts

Word distribution, transition elements, paragraph length, consecutive sentences, ease of reading, etc

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